If you’re a WooWoo first-timer, or you’ve been looking for an alternative to the plastic razor, we’re going to let you in on a few secrets, on how you'll get the best results with our Vegan Hair Removal Cream. Tame It! is ideal for having at hand in the event of any sexy night in, glam night out, or all-over pamper sesh. Whether you like to cut back the edges, go Full Monty, have silky smooth legs all year ‘round, or just trim for a sexy night in we say #YouDoYou… or should we say, #YouDoWoo.
2 billion disposable razors end up in landfill every year - they’re not easily recycled, due to being made with mixed materials and hazardous sharps. The clue is in the name - they’re created to be 'easily' disposed of!



We’ve created a range of vegan-friendly products that kind to the environment - you can recycle your Tame It! Tubes in your household recycling. When you purchase a 100ml tube of Tame It!, you can save on additional packaging (compared to purchasing 2x 50ml Tame It! tubes).
If you fancy feeling as smooth as a dolphin, follow these simple steps:
  1. Patch test on an area of skin before full use. You should patch test on the same area as you intend to use - for instance, don’t perform a test on your arm or thigh if you intend to use Tame It! on your nether-regions. Different areas of skin have different levels of sensitivity. Safety first people! 
  2. Apply the cream evenly onto dry skin. Now, we’re talking about a liberal application - think icing a cake on the final of The Great British Bake Off. You want an even coating, and to make sure every area is covered (you don’t want to end up with patches), Paul Hollywood would boot you off the show for a start.
  3. Wait a total of 3 minutes before using a sponge / cloth to gently remove a small test area. If it comes away easily, you’re ready to remove the lot, but if your hair is a little stubborn, you can wait another 3 minutes before full removal. The total time you can leave Tame It!, is for 6 minutes.
  4. Say hello to silky smooth skin, so good you’ll be telling people you feel as smooth as a dolphin!
*Top tip: the hair comes away best when you use a loofah / cloth, quite firmly, and in circular motions! 
“I’ve tried shaving, waxing and a number of hair removal products but I will never use anything else again. I’m absolutely amazed at this product and would highly recommend it. I swear my foof is so smooth I think my lad might be able to see his reflection in it. Bravo Woo Woo 👏🏻💖”
“So, I have jumped around in terms of hair removal. Shaving, waxing and even plucking. Was not confident about trying removal cream but the website caught me so thought, what the hell? So glad I did. I have thick black hair but this gave me a smooth finish. No issue's with my skin so hoping for a future free of ingrown hairs. Happy customer here x”


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